abbr. Computing central processing unit.

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(computer science) the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing

the CPU and the memory form the central part of a computer to which the peripherals are attached

Derivationally related forms: ↑process (for: ↑processor)
Topics: ↑computer science, ↑computing
Part Meronyms: ↑CPU board, ↑mother board

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\\ˌsē(ˌ)pēˈyü\ noun (-s)
Usage: often not capitalized
: the hardware component of a computer system that performs the basic operations of the system including processing of data, exchange of data with memory or peripherals, and management of the system's other components — called also processor

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central processing unit: the key component of a computer system, which contains the circuitry necessary to interpret and execute program instructions. Also called central processor, microprocessor.

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CPU (computing)
Central processing unit

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CPU UK [ˌsiː piː ˈjuː] US [ˌsi pi ˈju] noun [countable] [singular CPU plural CPUs] computing
a central processing unit: the part of a computer that controls what it does
Thesaurus: computer equipment and partshyponym

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CPU (no periods),
central processing unit.

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abbr. Computing central processing unit

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/ˌsiːˌpiːˈjuː/ noun, pl CPUs [count]
computers : the part of a computer system that performs the computer's main functions and controls the other parts of the system — called also processor
CPU is an abbreviation for “central processing unit.”

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CPU [CPU] [ˌsiː piː ˈjuː] [ˌsiː piː ˈjuː] abbreviation (computing)
central processing unit (the part of a computer that controls all the other parts of the system)

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